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Rob Coates
Rob Coates, Producer/Engineer
Let ME help YOU achieve your Dreams, Goals, and Aspirations!
Have you ever wondered why your recordings don't sound like songs on the radio? Have you been asking yourself how you can stand out amongst other artists? If so....I can HELP YOU! You're 1 Email Away! Check out the many ways I can HELP below.....
Audio Production
Want to record a CD to release commercially, but don't know where to start?

Have you already recorded a song or album, in another studio, but not happy with the results? Did you record yourself, but need help getting it radio worthy? 
Have you already had your recording produced and mixed? Do you need help getting it ready for iTunes? Want to stay competitive with other songs?

Have a script and need a professional to read it? Do you need help getting that special voice to inform or sell via internet, radio, or television?
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